Product Design

Product Prototyping

Crucial in today’s increasingly competitive market, we at ARVIS understand the value of detailed and consumer-oriented product design. Whether entirely new products or incrementally bettered ones, the pressure on companies to remain innovative and, most importantly, efficient in the face of fierce development, has never been greater.

As an essential part of the product design process, we recognize prototyping as an area in which ARVIS can add immense value to your organisation.

While a costly and time consuming exercise, prototyping is integral to the success or failure of a project and, ultimately, the health of your budget. Through prototyping, organisations can determine the functionality and test the resonance of their product with its intended target market. Bearing that in mind, you might even say this is the most important stage. Not only is it a determinant for future success, but prototyping also acts as a stage gate for further investment into a project, allowing room for your organization to either pivot or persevere with a project before investing further.

ARVIS honours and respects this stage of the design process and, with that in mind, can offer your organisation cost effective and efficient augmented and virtual technology solutions to reduce the cost of prototyping, as well as the time it takes.